3 Reasons Why You Should Reduce Your Daily Salt Intake

By First Posted: Nov 16, 2020 Mon 10:41 AM
3 Reasons Why You Should Reduce Your Daily Salt Intake
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Excessive salt can damage the heart, kidneys, and other organs above and beyond its effect on blood pressure.

Here are three major reasons why reducing salt intake is important for you.

>Reducing salt intake means lower blood pressure: It’s no surprise that reducing salt intake lowers blood pressure. That has been shown in studies that compare higher- versus lower-salt diets in both adults and children. A decrease in sodium in the diet, even among those with only modestly elevated blood pressure, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.

>Prevents Heart Disease: Since low salt diet keeps blood pressure in check, the chances of heart attack, stroke and heart diseases decrease pointedly. According to a research, it was revealed that people with prehypertension who has a low sodium diet as a part of the intervention during the experiment had 25-30% lower risk of cardiovascular outcomes in the 10 to 15 years after the trial. Moreover, it also improves the recovery post a heart attack or surgery of the heart.

>Improves Bone Health: We lose calcium during urination and the amount of this loss depends upon the amount of sodium in our bodies. If we eat a high salt diet, more calcium will be lost through urination and the chances of developing bone diseases like osteoporosis will go up.

So start reducing your salt intake and start a healthy lifestyle.


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