It's A Different Diwali This Year!

By First Posted: Nov 13, 2020 Fri 7:46 PM
It's A Different Diwali This Year!
Image Credit: BBC

This may be the most unique Diwali you ever celebrate in your life! Many people are finding the prospect of a COVID Diwali to be utterly depressing. You cannot have partied, you cannot visit friends or invite them, even crackers are being frowned upon. The whole idea of Diwali is to socialize and have fun with your friends and family. If you cannot do these things, what is the point of Diwali?

If you have ben thinking along these lines, surely you will feel depressed too! But this is the time to look at the situation in a different way. It is time to spread joy and cheer among people, even though you cannot be with them physically. You can still do this by being charitable during the festival. You can donate some money to a charity or buy some sweets and gifts for the underprivileged and deliver them to any social organisation like an old age home or an orphanage in your city. The real happiness lies in lighting up the lives of other poeple. These little gestures will bring you more happiness and peace than any party!

You can also do some fun things with your family this Diwali. Start by making some pretty Rangolis in your house! Follow it up by cooking a lavish feast together with your family. Each family member can be in charge of a dish to make it fun and interesting. Light up your house with candles, diyas and bright lights. Drive the darkness away with lights and spread the joy!

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