Do Not Switch to Diet Sodas!

By First Posted: Nov 6, 2020 Fri 7:39 PM
Do Not Switch to Diet Sodas!
Image Credit: Elite Daily

Do you think of diet sodas as a healthier alternative to Coke and Pepsi?

Yes, the diet versions of your favorite sodas come without any added sugar. They even claim to be ZERO calories! But does this make them healthy drinks? No! Read on to find out why diet sodas are not helping you in becoming healthier.

Dangers of Drinking Diet Sodas

- It is an established fact that drinking diet sodas increases sugar cravings. You may end up consuming more calories after you drink the diet soda!

- Diet sodas can mess up your digestion. This occurs because diet sodas interfere with the health of your gut bacteria. Artificial sweeteners are known to damage the healthy bacteria in your gut, thereby affecting digestion.

- Research shows that diet sodas are NOT helpful in losing weight. In fact, consumption of diet sodas has no link with weight loss at all.

- Diet sodas have same damaging effects as regular soda. They still cause renal damage and also lead to tooth decay.

So even though you are consuming a zero sugar diet, you are still damaging your health if you drink diet sodas!

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