How to Take Care of Yourself While Working From Home

By First Posted: Nov 2, 2020 Mon 7:52 PM
How to Take Care of Yourself While Working From Home
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A lot of us are working from home these days since early this year. Most companies have already announced that they will extend this way of working till May 2021. Corporations have realized that working from home is a great way of making some savings on real estate costs and it seems this might be the future for a lot of jobs eventually. Employees also see some benefits in this way of working. The biggest advantage is that you do not have to spend hours on commuting every day. It is a big relief for people who live in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. But there are also some negative effects on your physical and mental health.

How to Take Care of Your Health While WFH

The be a successful work-from-home employee, it is important that you set up a proper working space. Set up a desk with a chair just like the workspace at your office. Yor work space should be ergonomic and should offer good lighting.

Take regular breaks and get out of your chair during these breaks. Move around and stretch your body.

Get exercise every day. Regular exercise becomes even more is mportant during this period of time because your activity is reduced drastically.

Shut down at the right time. Just becaue you have your workspace at home now, should not mean that you work longer hours.

Focus on meantal health. For this, you need to interact with your co-workers and also engage with friends. Avoid shutting yourself away from the world. Start a new hobby or learn a new skill because you now have a few extra hours every day that you saved since you are not communiting!


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