We are Past the Peak But Second Wave Might be Coming Soon

By First Posted: Oct 19, 2020 Mon 2:14 AM
We are Past the Peak But Second Wave Might be Coming Soon
Image Credit: Quartz

An expert committe has stated that India reached COVID-19 peak in September and with the decreasing number of new cases, it is likely that we will have a cumulative number of around 1 crore by February 2021 and negligible growth in number of cases after that. Yes, the daily numbers do seem to prove that we have already peaked and are now in a decline phase.

But this is no time to b complacent. In fact, we have also been warned of a second wave hitting us sooner than we think! Experts say we might see the second wave of COV-19 this winter. Extrapolating from pervious Sero surveys, the expert committe has stated that around 30% of the country's population has already been exposed to the Virus. The Chairman of this Committe Prof M Vidyasagar sid, "The pandemic has peaked but this isn’t reason for complacence as this nice downward trend will continue only if we continue with protective measures."

The only way to continue this downward trend of COVID-19 growth in India is to keep practising safety habits like social distancing, personal hygiene etc. 

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