Do You Regularly Throw Away Waste Food?

By First Posted: Sep 28, 2020 Mon 9:10 AM
Do You Regularly Throw Away Waste Food?
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It is such a strange thing that we see so much food wastage in a poverty stricken country like India. On one hand there are so many poor and hungry people that need to be fed and on the other hand we see food being wasted in every kitchen of the country! Imagine how many people could be fed if we stopped wasting our food.

Tips to Avoid Food Wastage

1. Stick to your shopping list. If you buy more than what you needed in the first place, you will end up wasting it.

2. Plan your shopping according to the rate at which you use your grocery items. Avoid buying perishable items for more than 3 days. It is a great idea to plan your weekly menu over the weekend. This helps in planning your shopping easily.

3. Follow FIFO as you go through your grocery and pantry items. Items should be used in the same order as they were bought.

4. Learn how to store food properly. 

5. Don't be afraid to freeze food. You can freeze chopped vegetables and also cooked dishes. This helps in preserving nutrition and prevent spoilage.

6. Eat the leftovers next day for breakfast or lunch. This keeps the fridge from being over-stuffed and your food does not get wasted.

7. Learn to use over ripe food items like bananas in baking.

8. Avoid buying and cooking a very big portion of any dish. This will prevent leftovers and food wastage.

9. If you have more than you can consume, share it. You can share excess food with the poor around you and bring a smile on their faces!

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