If You are Obese, Eat a Mediterranean Diet to Live Longer

By First Posted: Sep 24, 2020 Thu 6:53 PM
If You are Obese, Eat a Mediterranean Diet to Live Longer
Image Credit: Avocados from Mexico

It is a well known fact that obesity is linked with early morbidity. People who are obese have a lower life expectancy than their lighter counterparts. Obese people have higher BMI's, which are linked with early death. But recent research brings forth some good news for people with high BMIs.

A large new study which involved 80,000 poeple studied over 20 years by researchers in Uppsala University of Sweden, shows that obese poeple can also live longer. If you are obese with a high BMI, you can increase your life span simply by eating a healthier diet. Switching to a Medeterranean diet allows obese individuals to live a normal span of life.

To eat the Medeterranean style of diet, include high fibre grains, nuts, seeds, fermented dairy, large quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, fish and olive oil. Avoid red meat and alcohol. This is considered the healthiest dietary choice, especially for people who are at high risk of morbidity due to their weight.


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