Is Counting Calories Good for Your Health?

By First Posted: Sep 4, 2020 Fri 5:02 PM
Is Counting Calories Good for Your Health?
Image Credit: healthline

If you’re muddled about whether calorie counting is effective or not, then you’re certainly not alone. Some claim that counting calories is valuable because they believe losing weight boils down to the concept of calories in versus calories out. Others consider that calorie counting is outmoded, doesn't work and often leaves people heftier than when they started. Both sides claim their ideas are supported by science, which only makes matters more confusing.

While there’s value in tracking the foods you’ve eaten to understand what you’re consuming and offer accountability, and while I do think it’s significant to know relative calories (e.g., cake: high, broccoli: low), it’s a massive waste of time to awl it down to every single calorie that passes your lips.

Opt commonly for fresh, whole foods when you're grocery shopping, and think of it as eating food, not calories. Try as hard as you can to look at your diet as a whole instead of the sum of its parts. That means directing on healthy items like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein, and it also means eating carefully—slowing down, eating until you're satisfied, and giving deprivation a pass. If you eat a balanced diet most of the time, your body will most likely respond by finding its balance—no calorie counting required.

So, try to eat healthy instead of counting calories every time you eat.


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