Guess Who's Making a Film on Arnab Goswami?

By First Posted: Aug 4, 2020 Tue 9:19 PM
Guess Who's Making a Film on Arnab Goswami?
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On Monday, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma launched a Twitter thread on Arnab Goswami and smashed out at him for 'talking about Bollywood in such a horrible way.'

Ram tweeted, "Was shocked to see #ArnabGoswami talking about Bollywood in such a horrible way. He calls it the dirtiest industry ever with criminal connections, it’s full of Rapists, gangsters, sexual exploiters and what not?"

Speaking about the news anchor's comments about the tragic and untimely deaths in Bollywood, he wrote, "It beats me in what dumb way #ArnabGoswami can combine the deaths of Divya Bharthi, Jiah khan, Sridevi and Sushant into one case and claim that the murderer is Bollywood..incidentally the 4 deaths happened over a span of nearly 25 years."

"And in all the four cases of Divya, Jiah, Sridevi and Sushant there were completely different people and circumstances. But in Arnab’s mind they are all one and had been killed by an entity called Bollywood," he added in another tweet.

RGV also publicized that he will be making a film on Arnab Goswami, in which he 'will take the clothes off his facade. The director also came up with a title for his film on Arnab.

Well, by making a film, one gives Arnab more attention. Attention that he doesn't need and certainly don’t deserve. However, since RGV has lost it, I don't think there's any point of trying to make sense of what he's doing and why he's doing it. All we can do is focus on what’s important.



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