Amit Shah Tests Positive, Admitted to the Hospital

By First Posted: Aug 2, 2020 Sun 9:29 PM
Amit Shah Tests Positive, Admitted to the Hospital
Image Credit: The Tribune

Union Home Minister Amit Shah tested ositive for Corona Virus on Sunday. He tweeted to share this news with everyone and said, "On seeing the symptoms of coronavirus, I got myself tested and the reports have come positive. I am doing fine but as per doctor’s suggestions, I am getting myself hospitalised." In the same tweet, he also urged all those poeple who came in contact with him recently to self isolate and get tested for COVID.

The alarming rise in COVID umbers is a cause for concern. While some states seem to be seeing a slowdown, there are other states that see a daily rise in the graph. Battling with Coronavirus is the biggest challenge for the Modi government in this term. With the Union Home Minister himself hospitalized, you can imagine how difficult this challenge is. We have all seen Amit Shah wearing his masks and trying to maintain distance at meetings. Yet, he has contracted the virus. This shows that the Virus is very strong and we cannot afford even a moment of carelessness with it. We cannot afford to let our guard down. Keep washing those hands, keep that face covered with a mask and keep isolating...

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