Can a Salad be Heathy, Nutritious, Filling and Tasty?

By First Posted: Jul 30, 2020 Thu 7:30 PM
Can a Salad be Heathy, Nutritious, Filling and Tasty?
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When you think of salad for weight loss, most people imagine a pile of lettuce or a plate full of cucumber. But salad does not need to be so boring. In fact, a good salad should offer a lot more than leaves and cucumbers.If you are trying to lose weight, try this easy salad recipe for great results. This salad is so filling that it can easily replace your dinner and this is why you see great results.

Ingredients: Boiled chickpeas, 1 lemon, tomato, cucumber and onion.

Optional ingredients: Boiled eggs, apple, avocado and olives. 

For garnish: Fresh coriander leaves or a little of paneer/parmesan.

Method: Chop the vegetables finely. Combine all the ingredients in a large salad bowl. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Add in the juice of a lemon and enjoy!

Since this is a weight loss salad, we avoid the use of any heavy cream or oil based dressings.

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