What is the Longevity Diet?

By First Posted: Jul 28, 2020 Tue 7:36 PM
What is the Longevity Diet?
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After all the fad diets you have heard of in the last decade, people are now turning to longevity diet once again. With death and despair all around us, thanks to COVID 19, people are again taking life seriously and exploring ways to increase their life span.

What is Longevity Diet? This diet was developed by Valter Longo, and Italian American scientist. The diet is aimed for adults to alter their dietary habits and make a lifestyle change. This is not a fad diet that aims to achieve results in 4 weeks. It is a way of life. This diet is based on the simple fact that a plan based diet is better for health and longevity. The high protein and fat content found in non-vegetarian diets is linked with diseases like hypertension and heart disorders. So if we switched to a plant based diet, we can reduce the risk of these diseases.

In additiona to healthy plant based foods, this diet also recommends to include a little fish in diet because fish will provide Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and B12.

Here are the primary foods that make up the longevity diet:

Olive oil - Avoid all other kinds of fats and oils.

Green leafy vegetables.

Fresh fruit and fibrous vegetables.

Beans and legumes.

Nuts and Seeds.

Fatty fish.

If you want to live long, it is worth eating more of these food items and following other general health tips.

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