Make Your Own Rakhis This Year!

By First Posted: Jul 27, 2020 Mon 10:22 AM
Make Your Own Rakhis This Year!
Image Credit: Artsy Craftsy Mom

With the current public sentiment against China, the country has said NO to Chinese rakhis. The markets are usually flooded with rakhis from China every year at this time. But this year is different. Importers have cancelled contracts with Chinese manufacturers and people are trying to buy local this year. This is a great thing. You should either buy locally made rakhis or mke your own!

If your kids are bored at home, try a Rakhi making activity this week. 

Items you need: Ribbons, wool, foam paper, felt fabric, charte paper, silk thread, mauli, beads, sparkles, craft gemstones, glue and scissors. You do not need ALL the items. These are just ideas and you can use whatever you can find.

How To: Firstly, think of the thread for your rakhi. You can keep it as simple as plain mauli thread. Or you can weave a rope with silk threads or with wool. You can use a rbbon, if you like.

Now think of the decoration. You need to imagine the design of your Rakhi. It can be a circle, a triangle, a flower, a rhombus or even a star. Think of the shape you want, and cut it out on your matrerial of choice. You could use chart paper, felt fabric, foam paper etc. Once you have the base cut out, decorate it with sparkles, beads, gemstones etc. Now glue it to the thread/ribbon you have prepared.

Voila! Your Rakhi is ready...

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