Anurag Kashyap Points Fingers at Media and Audience for Nepotism!

By First Posted: Jul 27, 2020 Mon 8:31 PM
Anurag Kashyap Points Fingers at Media and Audience for Nepotism!
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The never-ending topic of discussion with no signs of a proper conclusion seems to be getting out of hand lately. Lately, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap contended the point that one of the reasons nepotism exists in Bollywood, is because of the media outfitting to audience's own fascination with star kids which creates a celebrity culture around the latter.

Sharing a media story which was about 'celeb spotting' Taimur Ali Khan and Tiger Shroff, both star kids, Anurag wrote, "This is nepotism by media ..? Why?? Because this is what you the audience wants to see .. So isn't it nepotism by you the audience too??"

The story carried pictures of Taimur, who is the son of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Tiger Shroff, the son of Ayesha Shroff and Jackie Shroff.

After his tweet, Ayesha Shroff, Tiger’s mother, called Anurag out for involving her kid in this. She wrote, “Yo! Don’t involve my kid in this!!???????? he’s here on his own hard work entirely????????????????”.

However, after Anurag came across the comment, he apologized immediately and explained his point of sharing the pictures, “I am sorry Ayesha .. I meant it for how media chases “Taimur”. Sorry to have hurt you . Just read this .”

Well, it is very prominent and clear that media news and audience wanting to know about star kids has given birth to nepotism. What do you think?


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