Is It OK to Sometimes Lie to Your Children?

By First Posted: Jul 15, 2020 Wed 7:24 PM Updated: Jul 15, 2020 Wed 7:25 PM
Is It OK to Sometimes Lie to Your Children?
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As parents, we all find ourselves lying to the kids sometimes. Some people even think that lying to children sometimes is for their own good. But is it, really?

Let us begin by examining common lies we tell our children.

"Go to sleep now, or the bad man will come and get you!"

"Get ready now, or we will leave and you can stay home alone!"

"Awww you are the best dancer in the world!"

"No, auntie is not dying, she just has a fever."

"Santa will get you presents if you are a good girl."

"If you eat too much sugar, your teeth will crumble and fall into the cup of milk one day."

If you have children, you willidentify with all these situations. We lie either to get our children to stop doing something, or to start doing something, or to spare them pain. Mostly, we lie to manipulate them into doing what we want them to do. This does not seem a big deal when we tell these lies, but the end result is very worrisome.

Eventually, your kids figure out that you tend to lie sometimes. There are 2 things that happen when you lie too often to your children.

- They lose all faith and trust in you. They look at you as manipulative folks who are not to be trusted.

- They learn to lie themselves, repeating the behaviours they observe at home.

So now you can decide, is this worth the lying?


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