Cooling Down After Exercise is Essential

By First Posted: Jul 2, 2020 Thu 7:37 PM
Cooling Down After Exercise is Essential
Image Credit: The Active Times

Everyone knows and follows the rules about warm up before an ative workout. But often you find people ignoring the cool-down when they work out in gyms or go for a run outdoors. But the truth is that cooling down is as essential as warm up. Cooling down your body is important to ensure your health and safety as you workout.

Cooling down after a strenous workout at the gym or an aerobic workout outdoors is essential because:

- It regulates your breathing and blood flow.

- It regulates your heart rate and helps in keeping the heart healthy.

- It brings the body temperature down to pre-workout level gently.

It gives and opportunity to streth out the tires musces that will end up sore and tight if you do not stretch them.

- It prevents workout injuries and promotes safe workout.

So keep a few minutes for cooling down and stretching after every workout session.

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