Getting Inked With Your Beloved's Name?

By First Posted: Jun 27, 2020 Sat 6:04 AM
Getting Inked With Your Beloved's Name?
Image Credit: Times of India

Tattos have become very common these days, especially amongst youngsters. Apart from flowers, butterflies fire, scorpions and dragons, one very popular tattoo is the name of a loved one. Having your beloved's name inked on your neck or chest or arm is considered to be the ultimate expression of love, because tattoos are forever!

Are you thinking of getting inked with your beloved's name too?

It is a romantic gesture for sure, but are you sure you should do it? For one, tattoos are painful! Secondly, modern relationships are not as permanent as the tattoos that represent them! Deepika Padukone and Paras Chhabra are two celebrities who tattooed their beloved's name on their bodies, but regretted it very soon! There is a list of other celebrities who faced the same dilemma after ending their relationships.

Removing a tattoo is not only painful but also very difficult. It is best to proceed with caution in this matter. Show your love with the tradional chocolates and teddy bears. If you have to write down a name on your body, do it with Henna - natural and temporary!

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