Coronavirus Immunity Doesn't Last Long!

By First Posted: Jun 23, 2020 Tue 8:46 AM
Coronavirus Immunity Doesn't Last Long!
Image Credit: Aafp

If you survived Covid-19 and think you are unbeatable now, you are sadly mistaken!

Research shows that CoronaVirus immunity quickly fades away, leading to risk for contracting the virus again and again! A sudy conducted in China's Wuhan has revealed that the COVID-19 antibodies become undetectable within weeks after contractig ths virus!

This shows how bad this pandemic truly is. Does it mean we can never have a true herd immunity?

One thing this does prove is that we urgently need a vaccine to control the unabated effect of the Coronavirus. Till we get the vaccine, we cannot take the virus lightly at all. This even applies to the countries that have already seen the peak and are now seeing a slow end of the pandemic. It will not be truly gone till it is completely gone!

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