Include Ragi in Your Diet for Better Health

By First Posted: Jun 22, 2020 Mon 10:40 AM
Include Ragi in Your Diet for Better Health
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One healthy millet that we have stopped includng in our diet is Ragi. Also called Nachni, this grain is very good for health. It is said to help in weight loss and is also considered a good food item for Diabetics. It is high in Protein, Fibre and Calcium. This makes it a great alternative to wheat and rice, especially if you are looking to lose some weight!

Here are a few ways you can include Ragi in your daily diet.

Roti and parathas - Try making plain rotis or try making healthy parathas with methi and palak added to the dough. 

South Indian items - Ragi is very popular in SOuth India. You can make ragi dosa, ragi idli, ragi appam and even ragi puri!

Dessert - If you have a sweet tooth, try some cake or cookies made with Ragi flour!

So basically, if you are trying to eat healthy, substitute your favorite grains with Ragi!

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