Anushka Sharma Wants Action Against Rising Animal Cruelty

By First Posted: Jun 12, 2020 Fri 7:12 PM Updated: Jun 19, 2020 Fri 7:07 AM
Anushka Sharma Wants Action Against Rising Animal Cruelty
Image Credit: Deccan Chronicle

When a pregnant elephant ate a fruit packed with crackers and died after suffering for 3 days, the news shocked out country. One of all the people who were horrified by this news is Aushka Sharma. Anushka is known to love animals, her Instagram feed proves it. She is also working on building an animal shelter.

In response to the recent cases of cruelty against animals, Anushka is calling for stricter action against perpetrators of such cruelty. She said, "I was absolutely appalled and aghast at what happened when I read the news. I couldn't understand how such a cruel act could have been carried out. I have always been a spokesperson for the voiceless. Not only am I compassionate about animals, but I also understand how important it is for us to live in synergy with nature. It's the need of the hour right now, especially with what's happening around the world. If people don't pay attention to this soon enough, it's going to get worse. So, I think, people need to understand that. People need to take responsibility for that on an individual level also."

She said when a child pelts stones at stray dogs, it lays the foundation of such cruel behaviour towards animals. She has a point in this argument. So the ext time you see a child throwing rocks at poor stray dogs, call them out for this action. Teach them empathy and kindness towards animals. You may be able to influence them towards a kinder attitude towards animals.

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