No Lockdown? You Should Still Follow the Rules!

By First Posted: Jun 2, 2020 Tue 7:31 PM
No Lockdown? You Should Still Follow the Rules!
Image Credit: KUT

Many parts of India are not under lockdown any more. The markets are open, schools are opening, even places of worship are open. But lifting of the lockdown does not mean that Coronavirus is gone or that we are safe from it. Corona virus is here, thriving and still a big risk for everyone.

What this means is that we still need to follow the rules that were laid down right in the beginning of this pandemic.

- Wash hands with soap regularly

- Use hand sanitisers when outside

- Practise social distancing, do not get into non-essential contact with people

- Avoid crowded places

- Take care of cleanliness and hygiene in your surroundings, wipe everything you bring into your house with alcohol wipes

Lockdown may have been lifted because the givernment believes you live in a low risk area. But with a little carelessness, even low risk areas can turn into hotspots overnight. So do no get complacent. Keep washing hands and avoid social gatherings!


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