Should You Eat Sprouted Potatoes?

By First Posted: May 20, 2020 Wed 7:09 PM
Should You Eat Sprouted Potatoes?
Image Credit: Krishi Jagran

We have all bought that big bag of potatoes which came with a discount, but then many of them sprouted before we could finish ll the potatoes! What do you do with such sprouted potatoes? Some poeple believe it is perfectly ok to use sprouted potatoes. On the other hand some people strictly believe sprouted potatoes to be toxic and will always throw them out. What is the reality?

Potatoes contain Chaconine and Solanine, 2 glycoalkaloid compounds. These compounds can be toxic if consumed in high amounts. It is found that when potatoes have sprouted, the amount of these glycoalkaloids is much higher. This is why people believe sprouted potatoes to be toxic. Consuming these potatoes may lead to diarrhoea, vomitting and abdominal discomfort. If consumed in excess, these glycoalkaloids can even lead to low blood pressure, fever, headaches and confusion.

It is also found that these compounds are found in the potato skin, eyes and sprouts.

If you have one or two sprouted potatoes, it is best to just throw them out. But if you do not wish to discard the sprouted potatoes, make sure you peel them properly and remove all sprouts and eyes before cooking.

It is advisable to buy potatoes in small quantities so that you can avoid sprouting completely.

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