More Caution Needed Now, Super spreaders are Now Amongst Us

By First Posted: May 14, 2020 Thu 9:57 PM
More Caution Needed Now, Super spreaders are Now Amongst Us
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"Super-spreaders" are the infectious disease carriers who could transmit the pathogen to a large number of people. They could be vegetable vendors, grocery and milk shop owners, petrol pump attendants or garbage collectors, who by the nature of their job carry the risk of getting infected and infecting others.

As many as 334 coronavirus "super-spreaders" have been located in Ahmedabad so far, and it is the main reason for the order to keep shops of groceries and vegetables closed till May 15, officials said on Sunday. Till Saturday, Gujarat reported 7,797 coronavirus positive cases and 472 deaths. Of these, Ahmedabad alone has reported 5,540 cases and 363 deaths. An official in Ahmedabad said they believe there are around 14,000 high-risk potential super-spreaders in the city, and they have decided to screen all of them in next three days.

A similar exercise has also been undertaken in the suburbs and rural areas of the district, he said. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) started targeting such people from April 20 as part of active surveillance, and has so far collected 3,817 samples of such suspects, out of whom 334 turned out to be positive, the official said. The city has been placed under complete lockdown till that time. The AMC has also made it mandatory for owners and staff of shops and super markets to get their medical screening done by approaching their respective wards, and obtain "health screening cards" based on test results.

Well, do a sound check in your locality too to keep yourself safe from coronavirus.


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