All You Wanted to Know About Wearing Weighted Vests

By First Posted: May 3, 2020 Sun 2:29 PM
All You Wanted to Know About Wearing Weighted Vests
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Weighted vests are precisely what they sound like: Workout vests with small weights in them. Running with a weight vest is used in some forms of armed forces combat training, so it’s occasionally referred to as “military-style” training.

Wearing weighted vests and working out can help your body to employ more force to run during training sessions. When you run without the vest after you’ve gotten used to training with it, your body endures to exert the force it would need for you to run at your normal pace with the added weight. Some runners say that this is a very effective way to cut down your pace quickly.

Running with a weight vest can improve your running posture. It might also help you increase your speed. Also, people feel that running with a weight vest can barb your heart rate and improve cardiovascular health. It makes sense, since your body must work harder to propel your weight forward when extra pounds are added.

If you’re training to increase your running speed, here’s how to use a weight vest to do it using sprints:

Start by running sprints with the vest on without any weight added to it. Make sure it doesn’t shift around your body and watch how it impacts your form. Then slowly add small amounts of weight, no more than three pounds at a time, to your training sessions. Try to maintain your current sprinting speeds and reps.

Wearing a weight vest might help you blister more calories during a cardio workout. So, start wearing weighted vests to maintain a fit body shape.



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