Mumbai Is a Coronavirus Hotspot - What Will Happen After Lockdown Ends?

By First Posted: Apr 24, 2020 Fri 10:15 AM
Mumbai Is a Coronavirus Hotspot - What Will Happen After Lockdown Ends?
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The total number of Covid-19 cases in India gushed past 23,000-mark on Friday morning, with 1684 new cases reported within 24 hours, the Union Health Ministry informed. The total number of coronavirus cases in Maharashtra itself reached 4,666 on Tuesday morning, while the death toll due to the COVID-19 also surge to 232 in the state. In India and Maharashtra, Mumbai contributes the highest number of Covid-19 cases surging in every day.

Though the lockdown in India is suppose to end on May 3, however, it is important that some counter measures are taken to avoid losing its momentum in the fight against coronavirus after the lockdown. As we all know that Mumbai is a hotspot declared area with maximum numbers of COVID-19 cases coming in on a regular term, some significant measures has to be enforced to avoid any mass damage post the lockdown ends.

Humans have outdone past pandemics with much lower degree of medical advancements. The coronavirus lockdown may get lifted after one extension nationwide. But it is likely to happen not in one-go lest a sea of humanity hits the road at once.

If the lockdown ends after May 3, several precautionary measures will be in place that people have to follow to avoid the spread of the virus. People can resume their work by wearing outdoor masks and maintaining social distancing. Mumbai has been affected by coronavirus the most in the nation, hence specific hotspot zones of the city will be reprimanded to take strict measures before going in contact with any person outside. The normal livelihood of the people will get bonded with more than one cautionary measure to avoid any contamination.

We just hope that we can control this pandemic situation after the lockdown by following similar rules that sustain during the lockdown.



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