Lessons From COVID-19 Lockdown

By First Posted: Apr 10, 2020 Fri 8:51 AM
Lessons From COVID-19 Lockdown
Image Credit: Patient

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown has taught us many things. In the midst of all the inconvenience, disturbance and disruption of our normal life, there is a rainbow of lessons to learn.

For instance, we have learnt that spending time with family is the very best use of your time. Playing games with your children, enjoying a lazy cup of tea with your parents, watching a late night show with your spouse...can anything beat this experience?

We have also learnt that it is not only possible, but also great to eat at home...everyday. We have learnt to eat healthy and nutritious meals cooked at home. Bye bye burgers!

We have realized that our country is really beautiful, if only we let our environment breathe! With pollution at record low levels, we are breathing fresh and clean air once again. Is this not great?

We have been taught the importance of hygiene and cleanliness by COVID-19. It seems unlikely that we will every forget this lesson!

No doubt our lives are going through great disruption, but there is a silver lining on every cloud!

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