People Need to Be More Vigilant Coz the COVID-19 Death Toll is Rising

By First Posted: Apr 5, 2020 Sun 11:57 AM
People Need to Be More Vigilant Coz the COVID-19 Death Toll is Rising
Image Credit: cnbc

In this crucial time, it is very important that we remain more vigilant and strong minded. The cases of death toll certainly is rising every day from COVID-19 and it is time to be more aware of the surroundings to avoid any casualties.

Globally the death toll rushed past 60,000 on Saturday, according to the data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, amid over 1.1 million cases. There are a lot of new things for the public to learn — about the virus, regulatory its spread, social distancing, treating the sick, and how our governments should react to this chaotic situation. It’s confusing and hard to process.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the US has topped 300,000 and there have been more than 8,100 deaths. Albania now has a total of 333 cases and 18 deaths related to COVID-19. Tunisia has 495 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, including 18 deaths, and has imposed a national lockdown until April 19 to slow its spread. Turkey confirmed that 76 more people died from the coronavirus in the country over the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 501. The death toll from the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy rose by 681 to 15,362. Qatar announced 250 new infections of coronavirus, with 1,213 active cases in total. India's death toll rises to 77, cases climb to 3,374.

The situation around the world is very crucial and this is the time when we become more vigilant and take safety measures to avoid any inclination towards getting infected.



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