5 Ways in Which You Can Contribute in the Fight Against Coronavirus

By First Posted: Apr 5, 2020 Sun 2:54 PM
5 Ways in Which You Can Contribute in the Fight Against Coronavirus
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As we all know that coronavirus is wide-spreading across the nation and the world, we need to ensure that we support the cause and contribute in the fight against coronavirus.

Here below we have mentioned 5 ways in which you can contribute in the fight against coronavirus.

> Offer assistance to at-risk neighbors- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) considers the elderly and people with lingering conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease to be at higher risk from the coronavirus. Well, reach out to your higher-risk offering help, whether by picking up prescriptions and groceries or offering other assistance.

> Plan to stay in touch from afar- As Covid-19 spreads, we’ll continue to see more people asked to work remotely or from home, more canceled events, and other measures associated with social distancing. Start putting a plan in place now for how you’ll stay in touch with loved ones, friends, classmates, and co-workers, even when you’re not physically seeing them.

> Stock up, then stop- Mentally chart how many pallets you might be able to stuff into your own closets. Panic buying just subsidizes to shortages — and more panic. If you already have 30 days’ worth of prescriptions, food, and household supplies at home, stop shopping.

> Stay up on your local news- Ensure that you are all active with local news around you. Get in touch with your neighborhood groups and local community organizations to find out what exertions are already underway.

> Donate to Government relief fund- In this time of the hour, we can try our best to donate within our capacity on government relief funds who are gathering money to fight against COVID-19.

Please be safe and lend your hand to the humanity to fight against coronavirus.


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