RGV Jokes About CoronaVirus!

By First Posted: Apr 3, 2020 Fri 6:05 AM
RGV Jokes About CoronaVirus!
Image Credit: Tollywood Net

Bollywood film director Ram Gopal Varma recently earned the ire of fans once again!

As the whole world is combatting the huge COVID-19 pandemic that has spread death and disease all over the world, RGV thought it was a good idea to joke about it. He tweeted and informed everyone that he had tested positive for the dreaded disease. But after some time, he cleared the air and confirmed this was just an April Fool's joke and not really true!

Joking about a disease that is killing poeple all over the world and has put an end to economic activity, making people sit at their home without any jobs and income - this was not taken kindly by fans. After coniderable trolling, RGV apologized for his sick sense of humour!


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