Is Working From Home More Stressful?

By First Posted: Mar 29, 2020 Sun 1:50 PM
Is Working From Home More Stressful?
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In this pandemic situation, we are enforced to work from home keeping in mind our own safety. Working tenuously is one of those things that's a dream to some people, and a low-key nightmare to others. If you work from home, maybe you continuously find yourself eager to have people to chat with, or feel that it's really hard to stay on track with your work.

Most people prefer working from home as they value the flexibility it gives them, chiefly if they have childcare pledges. People also appreciate escaping long commutes and avoiding office distractions.

But there are also growing concerns that people’s mental health and well-being can take a hit when working remotely. Research shows that being “always on” and reachable by technology while working remotely leads to the distorting of work and non-work boundaries, particularly if you work from home.

While people might ponder working from home means doing less, the opposite might be true for hardworking employees. When you don’t have that separation of going to and from the office, your workday kind of hazes together into your home life. You might not comprehend it until you’re not there, but there is a lot of unpremeditated teamwork that happens in an office. Whether it’s picking up on the best practices of your colleagues or having an impromptu brainstorming session over lunch, it’s hard to replicate that from home.

With increasing days, working from home becomes stressful with limited resource and constant pressure to be in front of your system.



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