Here's a Treat for All SidNaaz Fans

By First Posted: Mar 25, 2020 Wed 6:30 AM
Here's a Treat for All SidNaaz Fans
Image Credit: IWM Buzz

Are you feeling blue with all the depressing news about disease and death spread over the world? Jere's something else to think about for some time!

Darshan Raval's new song 'Bhula Dunga' has been released a few hours ago. What's speacil about this song? Just that it brings your favorite SidNaaz back in one frame. Ever since Sidharth Shukla walked away with the Bigg Boss 13 trophy, fans have been asking when will they seem him with Shehnaaz Gill again! Shehnaaz and Sidharth got so much love and adulation from all quarters that they are now better known as SidNaaz. 

If you love SidNaaz and just can't wait any more, scroll down and enjoy the video song! This song may bring tears to your eyes because it is neither funny nor romantic, it is a sad song about love and a broken relationship. But it's just a song! So enjoy...

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