World Economies Tumble as Coronavirus Takes Toll

By First Posted: Mar 16, 2020 Mon 10:22 AM
World Economies Tumble as Coronavirus Takes Toll
Image Credit: pymnts

Corona virus has taken a toll on the world economies. Global economic evolution will slow abruptly this year as governments attempt to contain the coronavirus epidemic, although the scale of the setback is highly indeterminate as of now.

As the toll of those distressed by the virus continued to ascend and financial markets continued to swoon, world leaders are finally starting to find their voices about the gravity of what is now officially a contagion.

In its “best case” situation, the Paris-based research body said the global economy would grow by 2.4%, weaker than the 2.9% expansion projected before the viral outbreak. That lost growth is unevenly equivalent to $400 billion. But it said much more unadorned slowdowns are possible.

It relics less a choir than a discordance — a dissonant babble of politicians all struggling, in their own way, to cope with the assorted challenges posed by the virus, from its crushing burden on hospitals and health care workers to its economic damage and rising death toll.

Well, it is now certain that the virus is widespread and the issue is very alarming. In this case, it comes as no surprise that world economies will tumble without a doubt.



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