Why is the Price of 'Kathal' Going Up?

By First Posted: Mar 12, 2020 Thu 11:46 AM
Why is the Price of 'Kathal' Going Up?
Image Credit: india

The price of Jackfruit in India has radically increased after the coronavirus scare and non-vegetarians have switched to Kathal as a precaution.

According to recent reports, the price of Kathal has gone really high. Earlier, Jackfruit, which was being sold for 50 per kilogram in India, is now priced at Rs 150 per kilogram. Kathal is now assessed higher than chicken which is being sold at Rs 80 per Kg. The coronavirus (Covid-19) scare is so much that people have stopped eating eggs and chicken and are opting for alternate options such as ‘Kathal’ and soya.

People in India are now desiring Kathal biriyani over chicken biriyani for their safety and health. The deadly coronavirus outburst has reportedly killed 4,291people across 114 countries. In India, there have been 62 positive cases of coronavirus but thankfully no deaths from the same have been reported as of now.

The demand for 'Kathal' has gone really high. Currently, 'kathal' has been sold out in the vegetable market and is difficult to find.


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