Quick Vegetable Stew Dinner Recipe

By First Posted: Feb 28, 2020 Fri 9:22 AM
Quick Vegetable Stew Dinner Recipe
Image Credit: Veg Kitchen

The humble vegetable stew is an answer to all your problems.

Trying to lose weight?

Don't have time to cook an elaborate meal?

Trying to make your kids eat some vegetables?

Trying to use up leftover vegetables in the fridge?

As we said, this is the answer to all your prayers. All your problems can be solved with this one simple dish. It is easy to make, is very healthy and nutritious, and can be used to lose weight too!

How to Make the Vegetable Stew?

Chop up all the vegetables you would like to use - carrots, beans, snap peas, broccoli etc and keep aside.

Now finely chop some ginger nd garlic and saute in a pan. Add in sliced onions and fry for a few minutes. Now add up all the vegetables and stir. Pour in some tomato puree and cook. Now add in some water, season with salt and pepper and cover the pan. Allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Serve hot with rice or noodles, or have it on its own if you re avoiding carbs!

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