Tips to Help Your Kids Beat the Exam Stress Bug

By First Posted: Feb 11, 2020 Tue 10:06 AM
Tips to Help Your Kids Beat the Exam Stress Bug
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Exam time for your kids are around the corner. Well, we are aware about the anxiety and stress that kids go through during the exam season. As parents we need to help our kids to beat the exam stress and stay healthy for the big day.

Here below we have some tips to help your kid beat the exam stress bug.

> Get the heart pumping: Ideally as a parent, you keep your child away from playing when exams are approaching, to make sure they don’t get incapacitated or fall sick. However, it is actually important that you cheer them to get up and exercise. Research has found that regular aerobic exercise helps to boost the region of the brain associated with verbal memory and learning.

> Get a good night’s rest: Many students often stay up late studying, skipping sleep before a major exam will do more harm than good. It is found that the lack of sleep actually causes the areas of the brain associated with planning and evaluating decisions to shut down. Adequate sleep of about 8 – 9 hours a day for those aged 12 – 18, will improve your child’s mood, concentration, and overall productivity, and help to manage stress levels.

>Right food for the season: We all know that what you eat can affect your mood, alter stress levels and promote stillness. We tend to go on food binges under pressure. Under the influence of examination stress there will be significant increase in food intake. This can be counter-productive as unhealthy meals can add to stress levels. When children are studying food gets assimilated faster. As parents, give smaller meals more frequently rather than three large meals to your kid.

So, try the above tips and help your kid to remain healthy and sharp during exams.


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