Tips to Make Your Salad More Interesting and Tasty

By First Posted: Feb 2, 2020 Sun 10:55 PM
Tips to Make Your Salad More Interesting and Tasty
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It is very important that we do spend some extra time to make our salad tastier and healthy. Who wants to eat the same old lettuce every single day? So here we have some tips to perk up your salads with some different flavors and textures, without a lot of extra time in the kitchen.

> Dress it Up: Adding a different covering can totally change the entire appeal of a salad. Though, olive oil and vinegar is expedient, but even a basic vinaigrette is easy to alter with different spices. You can go exotic with a coconut-milk Ranch dressing or a spicy Thai almond-butter sauce for an extra appeal.

> Mix fresh herbs with the greens: This is one of the favorite ways to use up the fresh herbs obstinate in the fridge. When adding leafy greens to salad, think beyond lettuces, arugula, and kale to fresh herbs, like parsley, basil, cilantro, mint, and tarragon. A small handful of chopped herbs adds another element of flavor and gives salad a quick pop of freshness and makes it more interesting to eat.

> Look beyond leafy greens: There’s more to salad than just greens — especially when we’re sitting smack-dab in the middle of winter. Keep things exciting by scrapping the lettuce for other salad bases, like broccoli slaw, shredded kohlrabi or celery root, or winter squash.

> Add in some satisfying fats: Don’t fear the fat. Not only do constituents like avocado, feta, goat cheese, and crispy bacon taste delicious, but these filling fats also make for a more satisfying salad that will keep you full.

So, try the above tips and make your salad more interesting.


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