How to Warm Up Cold Rice From Last Night?

By First Posted: Jan 23, 2020 Thu 8:17 AM
How to Warm Up Cold Rice From Last Night?
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Most people love to eat rice, it is a major comfort food for us Indians. So much so that we save our leftovers and enjoy them the next day. But warming up leftover rice that was kept in the fridge is usually a challenge. Heating up rice on the stove is difficult and often does not give good results because of uneven heating.

So today we bring you 2 ways to re-heat your leftover rice.

1. Microwave: If you have a microwave, it may be easier to warm up cold rice. Place your rice on a plate or a flat dish. Use microwave safe plate or dish, of course. Separate the grains of rice with a fork if they are clumped together. Spray a little water all over the dish. Cover lightly with a plate or lid and microwave on high for a few minutes. The amount of rice will determine time required. But you will get great results with this method.

2. Pan on Stove: If you do not have a microwave, you can still enjoy warmed up leftover rice! Start by seperating grains of rice that is clumped together, using a fork. Now take a pan and put it on the stove to heat. Pour in 2 spoons of oil or a little butter. Add a dash of jeera (cumin) and wait for it to splutter. When the cumin seeds splutter, add in a little water. The quantity of water will depend on amount of rice. It should not be a lot. Now add in the rice that is already declumped. Cover with a lid and turn down the heat. Let this pan heat for 5-10 minutes. The rice will warm up nicely in the steam and if you get the quantity of water right, you will enjoy fluffly rice again!

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