Make Your Own Cafe Mocha!

By First Posted: Jan 22, 2020 Wed 9:23 AM

Do you love to sip on a brew of hot Mocha at your favorite coffee shop? Most of us do! But going to a coffee shop regularly fast burns a hole in your wallet and the money seems to just slip out. Coffe shops are not cheap, they mean business for sure!

So today we bring you a simple recipe for making your own brew, Mocha style.

All you need is a cup of your favorite brewed coffee. If you have a coffee machine, start with an espresso. If you don't, just make a cup of hot black coffee.

Now add a spoon of hot chocolate powder and a spoon of sugar to the brew.

Add in some coffee cream or whitener. Stir the brew and it is all ready for you to enjoy. 

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