What's in Glass of Juice?

By First Posted: Jan 8, 2020 Wed 8:46 AM
What's in  Glass of Juice?
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Till a few years ago, orange juice was considered to be a great elixir for good health and longevity. It was generally believed that the wealthy and rich always drank orange juice for breakfast! But then orange juice was thrown off its throne and people dissed it as being bad for health. Juice, in general, is now regarded as being bad for health because it is full of sugar. But considering all the health benefits of oranges, is a glass of juice really that bad?

Benefits of Drinking a Glass of Orange Juice

1. A small glass of orange juice gives you your recommended daily dose of Vitamin C. This is essential for maintaining body's immunity and ability to fight disease.

2. Regular consumption or orange juice is known to reduce risk of getting kideny stones. The high concentration of Potassium Citrate in orange juice helps in reducing onset of kidney stones.

3. Orange juice has other minerals and vitamins apart from Vitamin C. It is high in Vitamin and some of the B Vitamins. Many brands also offer juice fortified in Calcium or Vitamins.

Harmful Effects of Orange Juice

1. Most brands sell juice with too much added sugar. So look for a brand with "No Added Sugar" or make your own juice at home!

2. Juice omits the fiber content of fruit. So look for a brand that offers pulpy juice.

So what do you think? Can you bypass the negative effects and still enjoy the benefits of OJ?

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