OMG - Does He Look 63 Years Old?

By First Posted: Dec 24, 2019 Tue 8:33 PM Updated: Dec 26, 2019 Thu 5:40 AM
OMG - Does He Look 63 Years Old?
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Anil Kapoor turned 63 years old today. While we wish him a very happy birthday and wish the very best for him, we cannot help but feel a little envious. Does this man look anything like 63 years old? On one side we have a whole generation of 60+ year olds who are led to believe that they are now retired from work and should now turn to religion, and on the other side we have this man who can easily pass off as a 30 year old. Not fair!

So how does Anil Kapoor Manage to look so fit and handsome at 63 years?

Don't be under any false impressions. This look does not come easy! This man works hard to maintain his skin, fitness and youth. He spends hours working out in the gym and watches every morsel that goes into his mouth. Though Anil belongs to a big Punjabi foodie family, he manages to eat healthy, thanks to his wife. Sunita Kapoor makes sure that her family eats healthy and nutritious food, thereby helping Anil remain fit.

Anil wakes up early and starts with a 10 minute cardio session after eating a banana. Then he hits the gym for a workout. 3 days a week, he likes to workout outdoors. He eats eggs and toast or oatmeal for breakfast, with a glass of juice or a cup of coffee. He likes to eat boiled broccoli and celery for lunch. For dinner, Anil likes to eat different kinds of salads with interesting dressings. He loves to incorporate chicken in his meals. He also likes to eat boiled dal with brown rice sometimes. Anil Kapoor eats a lot of dairy regularly and never smokes.

Anil Kapoor owes his youthful looks to leading a disciplined life. We all envy him his looks, but there is a lesson or two we can take from his life!

Happy Birthday Anil!

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