5 Tips to NOT Gain Weight This Wedding Season!

By First Posted: Nov 30, 2019 Sat 8:49 AM
5 Tips to NOT Gain Weight This Wedding Season!
Image Credit: Little India Catering

The wedding season has begun. Most families will be invited to a few weddings this season. If you have one or more weddings in your own family, it means at least 4-5 functions per wedding. What does this mean for your body? Weddings and functions mean only one thing - Yummy Food and weight gain!

So today we bring you tips on how to avoid wedding season gain.

1. Don't miss the dancing! If you focus yourself on dancing and masti, you will burn most of the calories you consume!

2. When hungry, run to the salad bar! There are so many different kinds of salads at weddings these days, try them all!

3. If you love chaat, pamper yourself and enjoy. But don't overdo it or get into any golgappa contests!

4. Avoid trying everything on the table. Pick out a few items you really love or ones that you would like to try. Give everything else a miss.

5. If possible, avoid dessert. This is where you will pile on most of the calories. If there is nothing exciting or new, just give essert a  miss. Go for fresh fruit instead!

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