Do You Know Who is Kajol's First Crush?

By First Posted: Nov 28, 2019 Thu 9:01 AM
Do You Know Who is Kajol's First Crush?
Image Credit: Times Now

Everyone knows that SRK and Kajol are best of friends, even though Shahrukh does not get along very well with Kajol's husband! Shahrukh and Kajol make a lovely on-screen jodi, so it is natural that fans are always talking about SRK-Kajol instead of talking about Ajay-Kajol.

Recently, Kajol had an 'Ask Me Anything' session online for her fans. The most interesting questions asked were about SRK, of course! One fan even asked if Kajol would have married SRK if not already married Ajay! Kajol had a witty response to this, saying "Isn't the man supposed to be proposing?" She was asked about her next film with SRK, and she easily dodged this question by saying SRK should be asked about this! She said "Friends for Life" when she was asked to describe her bond with Shahrukh.

The most interesting question she was asked was about her first crush. But Kajol gave a very boring answer to this interesting question. She revealed that she has married her first crush!

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