5 Benefits of Indian Gooseberry

By First Posted: Nov 26, 2019 Tue 10:25 AM
5 Benefits of Indian Gooseberry
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A nutrition-crammed fruit, amla works brilliantly for most parts of the body. Amla also known as the Indian gooseberry, is one of the most important fruits in Ayurvedic medicine and is a stockroom of good health.

Consume this inexpensive wonder fruit to stay healthy and fit. Here below we have mentioned some health benefits of consuming amla.

>Relieves from acidity - Since Indian gooseberry has fiber and water content and it comprise great anti-inflammatory properties, it help to pacify the intestinal lining and thus control acidity.

>Improves Calcium absorption - The amount of calcium absorbed through the food ingested depends upon various factors.  Amla helps in better absorption of calcium in the body which in turn keeps your bone healthy.

>Acts as a diuretic - Beacsue of its diuretic property, Indian gooseberry helps in the elimination of various toxins and unwanted and excess salt through urine.

>Manages Diabetes - Presence of Chromium in Amla, has a powerful role to play in diabetic patients. It helps in better uptake of sugar in the body and reduces sugar spikes. Chromium is also responsible for good heart health as it lessens the formation of plaque and cholesterol build up in the arteries.

>Anti-ageing - Though ageing is a normal and inevitable process, the process of ageing can be slowed down for sure. The powerful anti-oxidants present in Amla get you rid of free radicals which are the main cause of wrinkles, blemishes and age spots. Amla also improves immunity, appetite, hair quality, and eye health.

So, start availing the benefits of Indian gooseberry to your advantage.


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