What Do You Do With Your Leftover Dal?

By First Posted: Nov 20, 2019 Wed 7:52 AM Updated: Oct 19, 2020 Mon 2:15 AM
What Do You Do With Your Leftover Dal?
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Dal is a staple food in all India homes. In fact a large percentage of Indian families make dal every night for dinner. We have so much variety in dals, you can eat a differet type of dal every day of the week! But what do you do with the leftovers? Dal is not something anyone likes to eat the leftovers of. We asked many women what do they do with the dal that was not consumed. A few women told us that they use dal to make toasted sandwiches (that doesn't sound right at all!), many said that they pack up the leftovers in lunch boxes, but the best answer is Dal ki Roti!

Dal Ki Roti or dal paratha is an ingenious and extremely tasty way of using dal leftovers. You can use any dal for making these rotis, and they are super easy and quick to prepare!


- Finely chop an onion, an inch of ginger and coriander.

- In a large mixing bowl, add in wheat flour 1 cup, chopped onions, ginger, coriander and 1/2 cup of leftover dal. Add a dash of salt and spices.

- Mix together and form a soft dough. Adjust the amount of flour and dal till you get the right consistency. It should be soft but firm enough for you to roll.

- Now make parathas out of this dough and serve hot with butter and chutney!

This recipe takes only 10-15 minutes for making dal ki roti, enjoy!

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