'Good Friend' Natasha Talks About Siddharth Shukla

By First Posted: Nov 14, 2019 Thu 9:42 AM
'Good Friend' Natasha Talks About Siddharth Shukla
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Bigg Boss 13 has been full of fights right from Day 1. It seems like everyone in the show is obsessed with Siddharth Shukla. Rashmi Desai, Paras Shukla, Devoleena and Mahira Sharma seem to be so obsessed with Sid that they cannot stop talking about him. They are coming across as a bunch of spoilt brats that like to bitch and complain all the time. The level of insults that this gang hurls at Sid is lower than ever!

No wonder Sid is seen losing his cool every now and then. This is indeed a difficult journey for him. This is why his 'self-proclaimed-good friend' Natasha Singh is talking to the media about him. Talking about Rashmi Desai, Natasha says, " I don't know their personal life details but I know for a fact that they were very close even after Sidharth exited Dill Se Dill Tak. Paras Chhabra and Rashami keep saying in the show 'poore Mumbai ko pata hai that he is a haivaan', toh i want to ask why that woman (Read: Rashami) 'why was she close to him after he exited Dil Se Dil Tak?'.  It's a shame that she's talking like this about him despite having been close to him."

She further talks about Mahira's 'budha' insult, "Oh, that was pits. First of all 40 is not buddha and Sidharth is not yet 40, moreover Sidharth doesn't look buddha from any angle."

She even talks about the venomous attacks made by Paras. It is said that Sid was linked with the current girlriend of Paras, Akanksha Puri. Natasha says, "I know for a fact Sidharth did not date her, but why didn't she come out to declare this for 3 full years that she and Sidharth were never involved with each other?" Natasha further said, "As for Paras venting out ire against Sidharth, his girlfriend is now saying in the media that Sidharth was just a friend. So, isn't it strange that Paras doesn't know that? Didn't she ever tell him? Doesn't he believe her? Or, was this also told to him by his driver, as he claimed  about a few other things (to Devoleena Bhattacharjee) in the show?"

Good to know that Sid has friends who stand up for him in real life too!

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