What is Dopamine Fast and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

By First Posted: Nov 9, 2019 Sat 9:34 AM
What is Dopamine Fast and Why is Everyone Talking About It?
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A dopamine fast is the supposed antidote for the inattentiveness that outbreaks us, the burnout induced by too much of too many good things. It consists of a period of abstention from earthly delights like sex, drugs, and, in some extreme cases, talking to other people, for 24 hours or more.

Dopamine is one of the chemical indications that pass information from one neuron to the next in the tiny spaces between them. When it is released from the first neuron, it floats into the space between the two neurons.

It is best to know that dopamine fasting probably doesn’t really have a lot to do with dopamine—certainly not enough to value the name. Dopamine fasting is a reaction to our present-day understanding of the brain, though probably an overextended one.

From a mental health perspective, dopamine fast could also be a useful tool for attaining standpoint on your habits and forming boundaries with yourself. Anyone taking a break will begin raising cognizant awareness of their behavior and the destructive level of it. Dopamine fasting’s benefits could unconditionally be rooted in the placebo effect, but still encouraged anyone considering it to give it a try. You can’t really get hurt from doing nothing.


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