5 Reasons to Eat More Mushrooms

By First Posted: Nov 9, 2019 Sat 9:53 AM
5 Reasons to Eat More Mushrooms
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Eating mushrooms can help you to maintain a healthy body and regime. Here are five reasons why mushrooms pack a powerful punch,

> Mushrooms may help keep you young: Mushrooms do contain a high concentration of two antioxidants- ergothioneine and glutathione.  According to a recent study, when these antioxidants are present together, they work extra-hard to protect the body from the biological stress that causes visible signs of aging.

> Mushrooms may boost your memory: Researchers have found that eating two 3/4 cup servings of cooked mushrooms per week may reduce your odds of mild cognitive decline and improve memory power.

> Mushrooms can protect your brain as you age: Eating Mushrooms also help prevent Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, as per the researchers. It is recommended to eat at least five button mushrooms per day to reduce your risk of neurological illness in the future.

> Mushrooms can help your heart health: Mushrooms contribute a piquant, umami taste with no corollaries for your blood pressure or heart disease risk. Mushrooms also make an excellent, satisfying substitute for red meat in any dish, eliminating calories, fat, and cholesterol from the equation.

> Mushrooms will help give you energy: Mushrooms are very rich in B vitamins: riboflavin [B2], folate [B9], thiamine [B1], pantothenic acid [B5], and niacin [B3]. These vitamins help the body use energy from the food we consume and produce red blood cells.

So, start eating mushrooms to gain the above benefits.


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