Why Did Anushka Have to Clarify That She Drinks Coffee?

By First Posted: Nov 1, 2019 Fri 11:49 AM
Why Did Anushka Have to Clarify That She Drinks Coffee?
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Farokh Engineer recently made a controversial statement while slamming BCCI selectors in an attempt to tell that skipper Kohli has a big influence on the board. The former player had also claimed that he had seen one selector serving cups of tea to Anushka during a 2019 World Cup match in England.

Anushka, who is wedded to cricketer Virat Kohli, disproved the claims and ended her statement by saying, “I drink coffee.” She wrote in a social media post shared on Thursday that she has upheld her silence on such matters for years, and the reason she has decided to break her silence isn’t because this latest event has distressed her, but because she doesn’t want her silence to be mistaken as her dimness.

“I have always been of the opinion that maintaining silence on false & fabricated news and stories against one is the best way to deal with your detractors. This is how I have handled my career for 11 years now. I always saw pride & truth implanted in the shadow of my silence,” the actor wrote. She added, “They say, say a lie so many times repeatedly that it starts to look like the truth and I am afraid this is what has been happening with me. My silence has made the lies spitted against me seem true but that ends today.”

Anushka’s statement was praised on social media and her statement makes it clear that one should not believe everything that is told before knowing the exact truth.


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