Delhi or Mumbai - Which City Has the Best Street Food?

By First Posted: Nov 1, 2019 Fri 12:06 PM
Delhi or Mumbai - Which City Has the Best Street Food?
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Street food has always attracted people in general around the whole world. There’s always heated arguments when it comes to comparing street food of Delhi with street food of Mumbai. The food fight between India's two greatest cities is far from settled. Is Mumbai better or Delhi?

If there was ever to be a fight between Mumbai and Delhi cookeries, below are some pointers that you can take into consideration.

The Pav Bhaji dished out in Mumbai is unparalleled as is Misal Pav. Matunga is a no-brainer when you’re longing some food from down south and don’t even get us started on Chota Kebab. Mumbai has sky bars for glamourous evenings and Candies for a relaxed morning.

Delhi has foodies professed their love for the city. There is nothing to beat the chole bhature at every street corner, no one makes a better butter chicken than Delhiwale, and the chaat corners are a ready option for mid-meal snacks. It is the city where state bhawans dole out fuss free and authentic meals and stalls at Dilli Haat offer regional indulgence. Delhi has a bud of terrace restaurants and food for every budget. The flavors are all exceptional.

So, now you have to actually try the street food in both the cities and then come to a conclusion about your choice of the best city with best street food.


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