Who is Madhubala of TikTok?

By First Posted: Oct 11, 2019 Fri 10:14 PM
Who is Madhubala of TikTok?
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Recently, netizens have discovered the doppelganger of Madhubala. Priyanka Kandwal is an expectorating image of the yesteryear Bollywood actress and this factor has helped her shot to fame. Even Priyanka shares black and white video dancing on Madhubala's songs. Priyanka Kondwal is famous as Madhubala of TikTok.

Watch TikTok's Madhubala or Priyanka Kondwal acting out on Madhhubala’s old song. The video was shared by Twitter user Sunanda with the caption, "Tiktok is truly a gift that keeps on giving, you guys." For the clip, she also wore a similar saree and those expressions that she is giving, let's not even talk about that.

Her strange similarity to Madhubala and the way she imitates the actress will take you back to those golden days of Indian cinema. She has more than 60K followers on TikTok.

If you have not watched Priyanka Kandwal’s video on tiktok, do give it a look. You will be astonished seeing the doppelganger of Madhubala in action. TikTok has indeed given amateur actors and performers across the country a platform to experiment with their talents.


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